S330 camera not updating to new firmware

In the last 4 days my 1 of 2 S330 cameras I have does not want record or have the ability to live view.

I tried everything from resync to reset the camera even took it off my app and reinstalling it but it still doesn’t want to updated the firmware. I can see it charging on my app so it’s still connected but no video and no update.

Appreciate any help!

Hi Kama_Kazi, have you been able to resolve this problem as it has happened to 1 of 4 of my S330 cameras. When trying to get any video, I get an “Unable to play live video” The suggested solution with the error is to press the SYNC button on the Homebase. This doesn’t work.

The System Version is and Subsystem Version is, where the other 3 cameras the System Version is and Subsystem Version is


Water intrusion. I bet this is a major contributor to all these issues. It happened to me.