S 40 so far disappointed on playback of video

Just received my Eufy S-40 coming from an Arlo pro 4 Can anyone help me why the video playback is so bad stuttering or can not bring up video playback at all after motion is detected? I am about to send it back for refund my WiFi signal is great according to the eufy app. Please help me?

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Was really hoping this latest generation of cameras would have cleaner recordings.

My latest cam c24 outdoor will do ok with the 24/7 background recording… but as soon as it has to record an event it will stutter and skip. The event itself and the background recording gets messed up.

Not a dealbreaker for me. Only one time did I want to see a recording but the person skipped right off the screen . Reminded me of that film… “Jumper”

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When you download the footage, is it any better?

I can’t even download video footage saids can’t view video even if I try to delete can’t play video 85% of the time I already reset my router turned of my phone turned it back on and even took off the camera and reinstalled the camera and went through the whole process with no change please help this Is frustrating.

No. Was really bad with the pan tilts…. This model has improved some. Almost like it just doesn’t have the horsepower to pull it all off. And I know it’s not the card…. They provided it. Still my favorite cam of the eufy stuff so far.

@chefrd I have the same issue with my doorbell camera. It seems like it misses every other second. :man_facepalming:t2: