Ring uses same cloud omputers as Eufy

I have been monitoring IP traffic for app and I see that it connects to Ring computers(Amazon cloud services). I didnt buy Eufy cloud services. Why doesn’t the app directly talk to home base? There are already so many better security systems that don’t use third party spyware companies. Privacy is increased when apps talk directly to home servers. What happens if hackers block the connection to Ring computers? Also I saw the app talking to a third party internet tracking company in Mountain View, CA… That company collects information and then sells it

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Setup a pihole dns server and block the DNS entries and see what happens.

AWS host allot more then just Ring. Or are you saying they use the ring back end servers to run the app. It shouldn’t be that much of a suprise that telemetry data is sent somewhere.

Some level of cloud services are needed to comnect back to the devices at home. If not you would need to get a solution that essentially sets up and manages all security at your house. Then it would be on you to manage the security. You may be the exception, but most people are not knowledgeable enough to properly take care of it. To often function takes precedence over security.

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A good programmer doesn’t use web addresses in mission critical code. They use IP addresses. DNS services can go down or the connection to them can be broken

The home base shouldn’t need Amazon unless the eufy is incompetent. Your laptop or your phone doesn’t route all traffic through Amazon or another cloud service


I made a request in a previous post to allow an “advanced” mode for setup to allow more experienced users to set up direct connection to the integer via port forwarding to eliminate the app gateway needed at the current moment.

Still haven’t had any feedback on that


Thanks! I was instantly shocked when I saw the secret connection to an internet tracking company. Then I realized the unneeded cloud service maybe used to collect information that is sold to advertisers. Which is what Ring was doing.
(Security professionals found spyware in Ring doorbells. The spyware connects to an internet tracking company. Ring said it will remove the code)
Security professionals need to disassemble Eufy’s code to see exactly what it is doing


When I get my lazy self around to it I will ask someone to look into the internals of a older eufy app. Not sure what will be found

Excellent research! You should be an investigative journalist! Next make a YouTube video or connect to a famous YouTuber to make a video about it