Restful API, IFFTT, Smarthings, Hubitat,OpenHab, NodeJS, take your pick

API, IFFTT, Smarthings, Hubitat, NodeJS. We I don’t need a closed blackbox that only works with EUFY products. Just want to integrate with existing platforms, that would be the market differentiator.


Thank you for reaching out.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

We will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

​Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.


Absolutely! Integrating with these existing platforms; is a must have in order to make your home/office place work as one smart unit.


I sincerely appreciate your feedback. We don’t even need video streaming, can use the APP for that. But at least basic functions such as arm/disarm, snooze x time, battery life left, notifications, not much but basics to be able to automate this.


Yepp IFTTT is a must for future sw updates.


Would love to be able to integrate with openhab, too.


+1 for integration support. Home Assistant user, would love to be able to integrate basics such as motion detection, battery status, wifi status etc.


I can’t understand how it is possible to make such a great hardware and to forget the soft, ifttt is a basic for smart devices.
Please add ifttt and give us a date :slightly_smiling_face:


I would love to see Open APIs or even IFTTT support, this is key for me to integrate the products into my smart home, this is a key requirement for modern smart tech so Eufy, please can you consider this, you will benefit in the long run as allowing people to create tailored experiences. I would really like to be able to arm my cameras and set my robot back going when I’ve the house


Update: I opened a ticket with support since 5/17/2020 #25657072 to query about non working functions with Alexa, today as of 6/3/2020 there I have not offered a solution, on the contrary, I was offered a a free camera as reward for my troubles, which I didn’t take. As this thread is not Alexa subject., I am going to disclose what they said regarding other ecosystems. In summary they evaded all my questions and after escalating to the “Manager”, who is not versed on technology, pretty much replied with very bland response and no mitigation steps for the problem at hand. He reiterated that there is not going to be any API available to the public nor other any other automation platform currently on the market other that Apple. That they “never” promised IFTT integrations for EufyCam2 or DoorBell products.

He stated that “its a technology limitation, that and they need permission from the the vendors to be able to expose their API” (ujum, its not under their control). Like they need permission to develop an json template documenting functions for their API under Apache License and the community will take care of the rest. So whatever they tell you, either that its not doable or that they can’t it’s not true. What they want is to close down their ecosystem to allow you to use only their products and endorsed $ partners.

Their API is exposed already on their WEB portal, but yeah right, “it’s a technology limitation”:

Its all there already, its just a matter of willingness, not a “limitation”:

BTW, who we are trusting our private data and is being stored on folks:


So in a nutshell, we the customers are not a their top interest and not they are not the company they promised who will be.

PS: looking deeper into the a API, check this out, looks like our devices will are on a death clock of cycles of charges(this might be my a mistaken interpretation as I dont know the API functions), this is understandable as LI-ion battery have finite cycles of charges before their capacitance gets overdue, as such it is a firehazard protection for the consumer, but my DoorBell and Eufy2Cam is only 3 weeks old, hahaha:

This is just my opinion based on facts and evidence.


+1 for Restful API for flexibility. All of these would be a game-changer. But it’s really bad that not one of these is available with eufy.


eufy never fails to disappoint.


You are not wrong on the cycles. It’s a power management function. So think if it like a car battery. Eventually the alternator will no longer be able to help the battery maintain its power as it ages. So part of this is to prevent a catastrophic fire, second to force you to buy a replacement battery which is all it is inside or force you to buy the newer model etc. it’s just what it is when you deal with battery’s. No new battery technology out that beats lithium ion that I am aware me for the the factor of cost basis.

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This is a highly requested feature to enable new possibilities for users. Is there any update on this from Eufy?

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You can already use the api like here:

Would be nice to have it documented by Eufy instead of having to use their undocumented API.


An additional option I’d like to see is a local network level API (API that exposes homebase I guess? obvs we’d need security certs and what not) that we could integrate with, so on a HomeAssistant install, notifications in the house can work if the internet connection goes down.

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@AnkerSupport, I fully agree with the view that home automation, meaning programmatic access to an API, is essential for security devices.

You already have a REST API - you just need to document it, so it’s not hard to do, and there are no increased risks to doing so.

To be clear, I am avoiding buying further Eufy products, specifically because of the absence of a documented API, and looking to competitor products as an alternative. I’m sure I’m not alone as home automation is a growing marketplace.

If you have given any consideration to documenting your API then please let the community know, at least by replying to this thread.


Yeah I wont be buying more of their stuff either. So much functionality isnt working properly and their promises are fraudalent. Even stuff advertised on the box are missing.

An API would make me reconsider but I am not holding my breath. It has nothing to do with batteries (you communicate with the Homebase, not the cameras), those of you suggesting thats the issue obviously have no idea what youre talking about, sorry.


Some things can be done, have a look here:


Nearly everything can be done by now ( using the P2P protocol ) if you have some basic knowledge…


I use it to start a RTSP stream when the doorbell rings… which is recorded by my synology NAS and displayed on my Nest Hub.