Remove someone with admin status

My husband ended our marriage and moved out of our home. I want the ability to remove him as an admin and as a user on our Eufy security system because he no longer lives here. But he is the person who set the thing up And gave me my admin status. Please let me know how to remove him.

@Bts8 Your best bet is to create your own account and reset the devices (homebase, cameras, etc.) and start over. Just click the sync button on each unit and it will disconnect them from the previous system.

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@Sobrevilla is correct that its best to create ane account from scratch. However, know that when you do that and remove the devices from the old account, you will lose any saved video under that account. Make sure that you save anything important before deleteing the old account.

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Hi. You mentioned clicking the sync button on each device (I have camera, doorbell and door lock) which I still have to figure out however is there a way to deactivate or deregister the person’s account from the home base? Almost like a manufacturer’s reset?