Remote Security Camera

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Please help if you can

Which eufy camera, if any, is stand alone and doesn’t need access to any base station or to external power to set up or operate?

I need one to monitor the inside of a remote barn 24/7 with no electrics, no wifi, and which I visit only infrequently, perhaps every few months.

It will need to store events and videos within itself, for access later. I don’t need real time alerts to be sent to my phone or elsewhere. I don’t expect many events to take place between my visits to the barn.

I have 3 other eufy 2 Pro wifi cameras and a base station installed at home, and I am therefore familiar with the app, which I have on my phone, and which I presume will be able to access the standalone camera.

Any advice appreciated . . .

Thank you

I think you are out of luck with Eufy, given your requirements. All Eufy cams need access to the internet in order to view video in the app. The indoor cams can save clips on their SD card, but they need either AC power or 5 Volt DC @ 2 amps. You still need internet for the app to decrypt the video on the card.

Also, the max size of SD card is 128 GB and that’s nt enough to record 24/7 for several months. I think you need to look at other vendors and your requirements make it a pretty short list.

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