Remote restart of homehub 2C

My home hub for our 2C cameras goes offline probably at least once a week. In order to get it back online I have to be in the house to either reset our WiFi router or sometimes have to switch everything off at the plug, wait 20-30 seconds and switch it back on again.
Now this obviously isn’t possible if I’m away from home and means the cameras are 100% useless until I get back home.
Also, can we get some sort of notification when it goes offline? I only find out when I get in to the app.

just get some smart plugs for the items you need to cycle remotely. belkin, gosund etc. with the gosund i can set activities that will either restart by command or by schedule. just remember if you try to manually restart your network (modem/router) remotely you will lose connection when you shut it down and you won’t be able to restart it. best to just schedule a restart plug off / plug on so it will do the restart autonomously.

Thanks! Yeah I was thinking this, we’d get a smart plug for the router plug and have it auto-switch off and on again once or twice a day whilst on holiday.