Reduce the number of motion sensor notifications

I’m wondering if there is a way to reduce the time between notification from the motion sensors?

I have my system set up so that the motion sensor in the garage sends a notification, but the actual alarm doesn’t get triggered until you enter the house. This was to provide us with enough time to gets the kids out of the car / get to the keypad.

My issue is that even if i get out of my car and walk into my house the garage sensor has sent me 4-5 notifications. If I was helping kids out of the car, it is even more.

Ideally the sensors could have a longer re-trigger time, similar to the advance settings on some of cameras. I image this would help save batteris too.

My pup triggers events every day…so much for human only…I emailed 2 weeks ago…silence

I have the same issue. What I did was disable the motion notifications and activate the alarm delay notification. That is only 1 notification with also the location that triggered the delay.

@pam666 you do realize this is about the motion sensor and NOT the cameras. Please read the OP’s post before hijacking the topic.