Recording animals

I have the eufy 2c cam, was hoping to catch the dog, deers and the bear but so far it won’t pick up my dog. I change the motion setting to all motions turned up sensitivity and have it on optimal surveillance are there any other settings?


Same problem. It is February 13, 2022. I just bought two Eufy 2 cameras. They resist recording animals.

I have another camera faced in the same area while I am testing these out. I WANT to catch every cat, dog, possum, fox, deer, and raccoon.

I have cats, whom I adore, and new neighbors have two big dogs, a pitbull and a rottweiler. And regularly their pitbull breaks loose and comes to chase down my cats, one of whom is old and blind, so he can’t run. We rescued our old cat on one occasion and chased the dog away, because fortunately that event occurred during the morning hours just after my husband was awake. Had it happened earlier even a video recording couldn’t have saved our cat, and we may have had to watch a horrific video after the fact.

On my older Arlo Pro 2 camera I can see the Eufy 2 camera light up when a cat goes in front of it, but no recording is made. I have tried Optimal Surveillance and Custom recording. It’s like the AI is really good, but there is a setting somewhere that tells it not to record an animal event.

Eufy, your AI is very good. Just letting you know that I would like to have the ability to select what I do and do not want to record amongst Humans, Animals, and Vehicles. I see a Human Only option, but I want an option to choose Humans and Animals, and to restrict Vehicles.


It would help to mount the cameras lower if possible. most animals given their height only creep into the ‘low. sensitivity zone’ part of the sensor

Same issue! I have three Eufy 2 Pros, and two Eufy 2C Pros, and ONLY the 2Cs have issues recording small animals. They are even mounted lower than my 2 Pros. Just refuse to pick up small animals, despite “all motion” being selected, and tue sensitivity on its highest setting.

Why do the 2 Pros work, and the 2Cs don’t?!

I catch dogs and cats with no problem with my Cam 2. Sensitivity set at 6, and detect all motions since I have that camera in Homekit.