Recording and live view and the same time

Does anyone know if any model of eufycam allows for motion activated recording and live view watching at he same time. Example if I get a notification and I go into live view it will still record. I know the my eufycam 2c does not do this be I wonder if the pro models do?

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Dont know for sure but doubt it. I also habe some new arlo cams and they dont support that either.

Solution. Have 2 cameras on sensitive locations towards same direction. Record with one and watch the burglars with the other :wink:

If possible, get one of the Eufy wired outdoor cameras that support 24/7 recording. It helps knowing you can watch off the same camera and know it’s always recording.

But I’ll mention it again…still waiting for Eufy to take it another step and create a Floodlight that has a built in 32-64GB of internal (or add on) storage for the capability of 24/7 recording. Still not sure why they haven’t gone that route yet. I’d buy 4.

I didn’t know Eufy made wired outdoor cams.

This is possible with my EuryCam 2CPro. On the live view there is a video icon at the bottom that gives access to a red record button like on a phone camera. The videos are sent to an album on the phone the app is on.