Record multiple events simultaneously

Only one events seems to be recorded when two events on two different cameras are happening simultaneously.
I have a total of 3 cameras connected to my base station. Is that the problem? Is there a setting that I have missed?

You would need to check the log of each camera to see the events recorded for them.

You can have several cameras on one homebase and it should record all events at the same time. I have eight cameras on one of my bases and it records events simultaneously. My alerts come out quickly, back-to-back…so I know something is going on. These events are all recorded in order of how they were triggered, but each camera is suppose to record at the same time.

I contacted Eufy and they said the 2c does not support simultaneous recording. What cameras do you have?

I’d have to question that reply from Eufy. I have a mix of CamE’s, 2C’s, 2’s, and the battery doorbell (9 outdoor cams on the same homebase 2) and they all record simultaneously. Some of my cams have overlapping fields of view so I get multiple recordings from the same event, so I know they are working at the same time. I’m sure there is some buffering going on between the homebase and the cams in order to make this work, but the devices are recording at the same event.

I have 6 cameras sitting on my desk all looking at me. (Homebase died and have to start from scratch. Ugh)

Turned them on and they all recorded the same event at the same time. 2c and 2pros

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@blondie71511 I have the Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pro. I believe we might be on two separate pages. Recording simultaneously and watching simultaneously are two different things. Several cameras can RECORD at the same tine…BUT you can’t WATCH multiple cameras at the same time. Hope this info helps!


Interesting. Hopefully Eufy will address this response they gave me. I’m lucky if I can get 1 camera to record an actual event in my driveway instead of cars driving passed, let alone 2 cameras recording.

Their statement is false and true, you can only get single recordings at a time when viewing the feed as its recording off the other cameras not being watched. But it will simultaneously record on multiple cameras if they are all triggered. Case in point, last night I had 3 of my cameras recording different angles of our cars almost getting broke into at the same time. It was because of these recording that the cops were able to identify the people and arrest them.

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