Record constantly or only with motion?


Is there a way to set the cameras to record constantly during certain hours of the day and be motion activated for the rest of the hours?

Thank you.

Nope. I have 2 pan tilt cams but have never used continuous recording. I would only use that if it was an outside cam. But I think that when recording constantly it will act just like motion only. Recording motion events and notifying you if you want. You can use the schedule mode to change modes the way you want having it record events and notify you of motion only during certain times of the day.

Wait… I thought for fun I would turn on constant record and play with it. Under the camera settings there is an option for continuous recording per schedule. When selected it asks for you to set a “rule”. ?

I’m guessing what I said above and this rule option… it will more than likely work for you.

Anyone have an actual answer to this? If not I will soon… gonna figure it out right now.

This was how I thought it would work. Set cam to constant record. And it will always record underneath despite mode chosen. ( I think)

Then set schedule:

At night it would log the motion events only
Day log motion events an notify me
Home from work in the evening it would not log any events or notify ( but would still be recording everything in the background all day?)

Anyone in the know … if this is right?

Now I’m gonna dig into that “rules” thing.

Ok… I officially change my original answer. YES you can.

In the cam setting you can set it to only constant record on its own schedule. So you can have a schedule within a schedule. The only downside I can see is it’s not shown in the schedule mode. Should be a visual for you. Would be easy to forget how it’s set and it might miss something.

Looking forward to hearing from peeps that actually use this option. I’m gonna keep playing. Sorry for the long uneducated answer.