Recharging Eufycam

Can someone please tell me what steps are involved to recharge my Eufy Cam wireless cameras.
Everytime I try, the removal alarm goes off - I have turned the camera off but am obviously missing another step…

Why don’t you just disable the alarm before removing it or turning it off.

I turn off the Anti Theft Detection… is there something else I need to do because the alarm still goes off once I remove the camera…

Go to the security tab, current Mode, select your Homebase, drill down to your device, and uncheck the camera alarm choice.

Thank you. I’ll give that a go :smiley:

Search on YouTube but there is a way to take a usb power brick, cable, and small clamp and just plug in to camera while mounted and charge using the power brick. That way you don’t have to remove the camera.

That’s my preferred method of recharging unless the weather is too cold. I have a 22000 ma power bank, a short usb cable and a carpenters grip clamp that I stick up on an eave and charge the camera. Works fine. You still need to turn off the anti-theft feature, but it saves taking the camera down and bringing it inside.

And if that doesn’t work you van always get a hammer.

I would if it would’t shut up !

You can switch (one) cam off in your App. Select cam and go to settings of this cam. Gl.