Reboot router cameras offline

Does anyone know if your eufy base station can reboot your modem, we’re away and our cameras have gone offline, it’s happened a couple of times, think its time to upgrade the modem

The homebase doesn’t have any way to reboot the modem or router.

You might look at a solution involving a timer or smart plug that’s scheduled to power your modem / router down at night at a specified time. The timer might be more foolproof because it doesn’t depend on your network being up to get access. Some routers can schedule a reboot for themselves on an internal schedule, but if you have a separate modem, you won’t be able to do both that way.

Thanks for you reply, yeah just as I suspected, need to get a new modem me thinks

So got home cameras still offline, nearly two weeks, not happy. Anyway got new modem from ISP see how it goes.