Really bad motion detection for Eufy Cam2 Pro


I just installed 3 Eufy Cam2 Pro cameras and i’m not very happy with the experience.
I used Logitech circle2 before and even if the camera sensor was worse it detected much faster and recorded everything even before even happened (as if it had like 5 sec before the event triggered).
Now with Eufy Cam2 Pro first not only is the beginning missing on videos but what is the worst part is that detection is inconsistent and sometimes it wont even detect anything until i’m right up next to the camera and wave my hands (which is not the normal situation when it must detect and report)
I have set the cameras to the highest senility and to detect all motions!

I seen others suggest to use a Motion Sensor which i’m going to order anyway since this is not at all functional. But i thought share my experience and see if Anker/Eufy team have anything in the work to improve this?
I seen thread from 1 year back with some promise but nothing has been done.
As others have said i would gladly sacrifice some battery for a functional product. As it is now its just a gimmick and dont work as intended without having a Motion Sensor to trigger the camera.

Hope to get some feedback from the team.

Also anyone know if the 2C pro is any better? (thinking getting 2 of those as well).
And lastly i have 1 HomeBase but maybe need to get one more to cover the whole house. Have anyone been successful to connect it wirelessly to the HomeBase.How can i otherwise extend the signal range without cable? I can only provide ethernet for the first HomeBase??

Hello friend… welcome to my nightmare. I suggest you move here… to Eufys magical land where everything is quiet… no sun… no wind… and every movement is human only and is cross screen within 15 ft of all cameras.

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hehe i see :smiley:
And to be honest this is true. Was testing more yesterday with my neighbor and i had to move real close before it actually detected us. So yeah the picture is really not that bad of an illustration i must say.

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Well I am a new user but I do have the Homebase hooked up wirelessly via Wifi and it is able to connect to the Cams. I dont know if that creates any issues with the Vids actually being able to be recorded to the Homebase based on your Wifi network but I havent seen that issue with the mesh wifi system in my home

hmm how did you do that?
There is no way to configure the homebase to connect to wifi connection from what i see. Really interested how you managed to do it?
I’m going to order a second package which includes a second homebase so if i can connect it using wifi that would be great!

Eufycams can be really hit and miss at times, sometimes work great and other times very average, a lot of people say its the height and angle of the camera which is key, I have 4 eufycam 2 c’s about 7ish foot off the ground, all at different motion detection settings, it picks up front door at about 10 to 15 feet away depending on the speed the person is walking to come to the door, full sensitivity 7, the other camera at the side of house I have to turn way down to sensitivity 3 cause it actually picks up cars about 50-60 feet away and cats about 15 feet away its crazy, had the homebase hooked up on ethernet at the start, but was giving me fierce connection problems, even with all the cameras only being about 10 to 20 feet away and signal only having to go though 2 to 3 walls, so good for the 300 feet they say it works, it does not, so then took off router and I hooked homebase up to WiFi and moved it half ways between all cameras, have not got any connection issues since, and I’m fairly happy with them, the draining battery’s is the killer though, full charge 100 % down to 75% in 10 days with only about 15 minutes footage, very poor, front door cam I get about 6 weeks at most before having to recharge, the other cameras with Less footage about 3 months


Thanks, good to know. I went ahead and ordered motion sensors now.
Atleast the Pro seems to have better battery :slight_smile:

Would be a nice option to help… IF they were waterproof. Might need to DIY waterproof if it’s gonna be exposed.

I connected it to ethernet, setup the wifi configuration unplugged it placed the Homebase where I needed and it automatically connected to the network via WIFI