Real-Time Monitoring Dedicated Monitor via RTSP | 24/7 Connected to Power

I have been working in broadcast I.T. and security surveillance for the past 20 years. I am very familiar with different wireless camera systems, and usually delve more into the backend utilizing RTSP streams etc.

I have purchases the following Eufy products below, some are still enroute:

•	Eufy Cam Pro 2 | 2-Camera Kit (I have 3 of these; may use multiple BaseStation2 for camera coverage)
•	Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell w/additional BaseStation2
•	Eufy 5 Piece Alarm Kit (currently installed and using BaseStation2)

For my application/configuration all of these cameras will be connected to power 24/7-365 (I only use the batteries in the camera as a backup.)

Having that crucial piece of information of the cameras always being powered, will I be able to:

•	monitor all six cameras in real-time live? 

•	If so how?  Via the website?  Via HomeKit on Apple TV?  (NOT using HomeKit Secure Video),  Via RTSP with a 3rd party app like IP Cam Pro Viewer?

•	If they are capable of being watched “live” what is the latency?  2 seconds?  5 seconds? 

I am currently able to monitor my system in this fashion on a dedicated monitor (photo for example):

In the example above we monitor in “real-time” (with a lot of latency) and even though I can monitor them live, they still only record with motion.

For my Eufy camera configuration application I need to be able to have the cameras up on a monitor all together in order to see if people are approaching the property, or to monitor children as they play in the backyard. (The recording doesn’t have to be continuous.)

I hope that the Eufy cameras are capable of doing this. Ultimately it would be nice to be able to add the Doorbell camera into this configuration via RTSP so that I’m able to see the Eufy Cam Pro 2 cameras and the doorbell in the same camera grouping similar to the above photo.

Eufy Doorbell questions:

•	Is the Doorbell camera RTSP capable as well?
•	Will the Eufy Doorbell cameras pop up on the screen via HomeKit when someone rings the doorbell?

Lastly, do I only need to utilize only one base station (assuming the Eufy Cam Pro 2 base station) for both the cameras and the alarm system, or do I have to use both of them independently?

In summary and simply, I need to be able to watch a live feed of all cameras on a single screen on a dedicated monitor.

I really appreciate the assistance.

Thank you.


Is the Doorbell camera RTSP capable as well?

Officially not yet. there are some opensource python scripts which work but the RTSP stream is 3mins max
• Will the Eufy Doorbell cameras pop up on the screen via HomeKit when someone rings the doorbell?
Dont know, I dont have homekit