Range extender 2C

I’d like to put a camera out on my driveway. But I don’t seem to get signal out there from my Homebase. Is there a way to boost the signal out to the driveway?

the way i did it was to add a second homebase 2 and a mesh network that has nodes (satellites) with ethernet connectivity. if you locate the nodes properly (trial and error) and plug the homebase 2s into them, it could also work for you. their are however many variables with each situation. i have a very stable 7 camera setup with cameras over 100ft apart.

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@simon_powell I agree with @dpoppo. The best way I have experienced extending the range of the cameras is to have multiple home bases. My farthest camera is about 75-80 feet away from its home base with no issues. However, I have several bases throughout the house (to match the many Cam2/Cam2Pro cameras I own, lol).

Interesting. I actually have four HB2 and the respective cameras are no further than 18ft away from the HB to which they are connected. Even with these minimal ranges my cameras go offline randomly–sometimes for minutes, sometimes for weeks. They just “decide” to reconnect on their own. Not really security.

I have a 2C about 180 ft down my driveway. Was the only spot I could get vehicles reliably without all the false triggers.

Took me FOREVER (over a year) to get the location of the cam and the homebase right. Hopefully the next-gen hardware will come with Vehicle detection so I can put it much closer to the homebase.