Random static frames

Hey, is it normal to get the odd random frame of static? One of my cameras it will flash a single frame of static every so often. Sometimes maybe like 3 frames in a 10s recording, or another time less, it’s fairly random. My other camera I’ve never seen static on it at all. I’ve tested them next to each other and only 1 has this issue. Happens on feed & recordings.

Do you think there is a hardware problem with that camera?

Thank you for contacting Eufy. Sorry to learn about the issue with your device! Please be assured we always stand behind our products and want to make this right for you.

To get started, could you please let us know which device you owned from our Eufy collection? eufycam 2C or eufycam E?

If possible, could you please email us the screenshot of the image issue?

Please give us more details about your situation and your specific need so we can assist you further.

Looking forward to your reply! Have a lovely day.

Thanks, I will e-mail support (support@eufylife.com?) with further details. It’s the 2C.

After posting I noticed there were already some other posts which seem like a similar issue (glitching etc.).