Quick way to Download from base station?

Does anyone know of a quick way to download clips from the homebase other than looking at each clip and then downloading. I have set up one of my cameras in a hedge hog feeding station since there is plently of activation I want to download and store on an extenal HD for viewing later.


Most of the cameras support using RTSP to stream to a NAS. I use a RPI4 with motioneye and a 2TB drive as a dedicated NAS. If you have an external HD, all you need is a PI 4 for less than $100, plus a free copy of Motioneye. The Help section of the app tells you how to set up the stream and you can test it with something like VLC to get started. Resolution is limited to 1080p, but that’s good enough for most applications. This solution won’t help retrieving older clips from the homebase, but going forward, you’ll have all the output of the camera on your NAS for viewing.

Thanks for the fast response I’ll need to get a pi 4 first but will give this a go shortly. Thanks once again