Questions on Homebase and connectivity


I would if anyone is able to answer a few questions. Recently bought a bunch of Eufy products for securing my home. Very happy with them so far but have a couple of questions.

I’ve got 2 homebase 2’s. Is there anyway to link these so Camera’s use which ever has the best signal. Like a mesh?

The Eufy pro 2 wireless cameras. How exactly do they connect? Are they wifi to the wireless network and then speak to the Homebase, or is the wifi connection between the homebase and the camera?
I’m looking to try improve the signal to one of the cameras and im not sure if im moving the homebase closer or trying to extend my wifi (if that makes sense)


Each home base operates on its own, and whatever camera you have connected to it works with just that home base. Currently there is no way to sync the two homes bases and cameras all together.
As for the cameras, they connect to the home base via its own encrypted wifi connection