Questions for New Eufy Indoor Cams

Hello Eufy!

I have some questions about the new Indoor cams!

  1. Does it come with a MicroSD card? And if not what one would you recommend?
  2. Do you have plans to let these connect to a Homebase? If yes when?
  3. Can this be linked with other sensors in my house? For example, Front door is opened so Pan cam turns there.
  4. Can the panning cam be mounted to a ceiling?
  5. Can you set a schedule to have them not be turned on?
  6. Can you set a position that the panning cam can return to once it is done tracking motion?
  7. Do they have auto-zoom? If not will they ever have auto-zooming? (This is something that the Arlo Ultra has)


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  1. No. A class 10 card is recommended, up to 128gb.
  2. I don’t know
  3. If eufy ever allows integration with services like IFTTT then yes you could, but until then, no.
  4. This should be possible
  5. Yes and know. You would have to toggle the setting to “at home” in the app, but that would change the setting on all the cameras you have setup.
  6. I’m not sure
  7. I also do not know

For all the questions I don’t know the answers to, I direct you to @Mengdi and @AnkerSupport

Thank you!

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3 would depend on 2

Most of your answers are right. For 7, autozoom is not supported right now.

for 2, we have plan to connect to a Homebase on July or August

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That would be great :+1: Thanks

  1. Class 10 micro SD has to be purchased
  2. Not at this time.
  3. There is a motion tracking feature. As long as the camera is positioned to detect the door, it should work.
  4. It can, however you will have to plan how you get power to the device. The included cable is too short for a ceiling mount.
    6.Yes you can set 2 positions. A privacy position and a monitoring position.
  5. Does not have auto zoom