Questions about Robovac 25C

Last week I got a Robovac 25c. Two days later, I got a second one for the other part of the house. I love them. I have already set them up run automatically at 1am and they are STILL pulling dirt from the carpet. Great product.

My questions:

  1. What is the percentage of the floorspace they cover in an hour of work? I know they can’t cover everything in one session. I am not looking to guarantee 100% coverage - that is not reasonable or possible. But give a 20x20 room, what percentage will they cover?

  2. I like the app, but I can’t find where I can program a series of movements. For example, I would love to program it to run a spiral patter on a particular carpet…

  3. Since the app on Android has directional controls, I am certain there is an API. How can I get access to this so I can make my minions do tricks?

  4. Is there a power user or developer program. These things can be very amusing…

Thanks in advance, and yes I’m serious.


Hey @undergroundact!

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: To address your concern, the percentage of the floor space they cover in an hour of work is 98% based on our testing result.

For the feature you mentioned about the program it to run a spiral pattern on a particular carpet, it has been achieved on some of the Robovac which support the Mapping feature. According to the directional controls, it is currently not supported at this stage.

We now have eufy Power User Program where we send free samples to our valued customers and receive their feedback.

To apply for Power User, please follow these steps.

  1. Sign in/ up your account.
  2. Click
  3. Scroll down the page and click ““Apply””.
  4. Fill in your information and click ““submit””.

Please feel free to contact if you have more concerns.