Question about the door/window sensor

Hi, a question about the eufy door/window sensor.
How can we delete/clean the old logs. The movement detected in the past are now to old to be usefull. I would like to delete this logging.

There isn’t a easy way to clean the logs in one chunk. Good news is that after 3 months, all the old log data and video clips gets deleted. This was done fairly recently to comply with European Data regs, but they did it worldwide.

Only other way is go to Events, Alerts and clean them manually. You can use the Filter button to select a sensor or any combination of sensors and devices, but you will have to clean them for each day.

I make a habit of looking over my system every 3-4 days and deleting any clips or alerts. That way, I never run out of storage and can save anything I want to keep to my phone or pc. That said, the alert logs don’t take up much storage, so waiting the three months won’t make much difference in your total storage.

Thanks a lot for your answer!

You are right, it’s a good idea to do a maintenance every 3-4 days… I will do that as well :slight_smile: