Question about notifications for my wife's iPhone Eufy app

Good evening Eufy community!

I finished setting up my new Eufy system today, white battery doorbell, two 2c cameras, and a homebase2. Everything is working great!

I also sent the invitation to share all the devices to my wife’s iPhone, that all worked great too.

My question is about notifications on my wife’s iPhone (her Eufy app) notifications. Is there a way to setup the Eufy Security app so she only receives notifications for when the battery doorbell is pressed? I do see the from the doorbell settings it is possible for her to just receive notifications for the doorbell presses and not motion notifications (great).

But my actually question surrounds what setting I can change so she does not receive any motion notifications from the two 2c cameras?

So the only notification I want her to receive from the Eufy security app is when someone presses the doorbell.

Thank you in advance!

What happens if she turns off the motion detection on each camera on the app on her phone? Does that also turn off the motion notifications for the cameras for you?

This will turn off the motion detection on the camera, so nobody will receive any alerts. I don’t know if there is a way to restrict alerts to the shared user, I will have to check.

Thanks @Ice4, I would really appreciate if you could check. thank you very much in advance!

@Ice4 @Hawkster

So from her Eufy app on her iPhone I can change the notification settings in the app for each camera from ‘default’ to ‘silent’. Then I go to settings on the iPhone and notifications section for ‘Eufy’ and untick ‘Lock Screen’ and ‘banner’ and just leave ‘Notification Center’ ticked.

That way she won’t get motion detection alerts on her iPhone but if someone presses the doorbell she will still get the notification and the sound will come through it for as well since under the doorbell settings in the Eufy app you can silence motion notifications and leave ‘ring alerts’ set to default sound.

Additionally, I went back to my iPhone Eufy and checked the notification settings for each camera in the Eufy app and it did not change my notification settings, yay!!!


@n1976jmk glad you found the solution :+1:

But I don’t know if it is true that you can change the camera settings in one device and it doesn’t effect the other device, you are changing it for the camera and not the device’s own settings.

@Ice4. After I changed the notification settings for each 2c camera in my wife’s iPhone

Eufy security app - per 2c camera - settings - notifications - change from ‘default’ to ‘silent’

Go back to my iPhone and same place and the notifications are still set to ‘default’ and working on my iPhone.

It has been fine for the last 2 or 3 days this way.


That’s great that it worked out for both instances. :slightly_smiling_face: