Question about automation and sensor

Hey all,

I have two questions which I was hoping you could answer:

  1. Can I trigger an automation so that when I come home and deactivate my security system, I turn off the Indoor Cam 2K (Solo IndoorCam C24 - eufy)? I just don’t see the use of having it on when I am home as well as it would preserve battery life.

  2. If I have a top-hung outward opening window (you can google that if you are unsure), which I keep a little bit open during the day and night for fresh air. How can I use the sensor correctly, either motion sensor or the door/window sensor, so that firstly it does not consider it open when its just a little bit open, and also when the burglar opens the window far wide to be able to come in, it detects it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi sveinmar,

  1. The indoor cam is not compatible with the homebase, therefore you cannot set up automation or sensors with it.

  2. The entry sensor has some distance where a window could theoretically be open, but not registering as such. You could place the sensor closer to where the window is connected to the house and turns (sorry, English is not my first language). Alternatively, you could indeed place a motion sensor there, which would cover the entire window and trigger an alarm or notification when motion is sensed.

Depending on what equipment you have, you can use modes with the Indoor cams. If all you want to do is turn off the Indoor cam, you can switch modes from Away to Home and turn the camera off when you come home. That is doable.

The problem comes when you have other devices that work with the homebase and want to change their state as well. At this time, the homebase devices and indoor wifi connected devices cannot switch modes together. You have to do the indoor devices separately.

As far as using an entry sensor or motion detector on a window, you just need to place the magnet so that the detector shows closed when the window is in your slightly open position. If someone were to open it further, it would trigger an alarm.

Using a motion sensor probably wouldn’t work because someone would have to actually get inside for it to trigger. It works on PIR so would not detect a change in position of the window.