Push Notifications


In the last few days, all of a sudden I have stopped receiving push notifications for motion detections. I haven’t changed any settings on the app or my phone. The push notifications only come through all at once when I open the Eufy app.

This problem was not happening at all till a week ago. I have had my Eufy cam 2c system set up for over 1 year without this problem.

I have the latest updated Eufy app on Android, I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the app as advised by eufy phone customer service. The problem is still there.

Any advise or help?


Check your notifications settings for the Eufy app. Also, make sure that any power saving are turned OFF for the Eufy app. That can cause the app to be put to sleep to conserve battery and delay notifications.

I recently have had the exact same issue and i am on ios. I set my wife up on her phone same as mine and shared to her and it works. I have factory reset my phone and still notifications no longer push to my phone. Noticed this after 14.7.1 iOS update

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I am having the same problem. It was working fine with no changes to any settings and suddenly stopped sending push notifications for motion. I have restarted the device and deleted and reinstalled the app.

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