Protecting eufy can 2 from water

I’ve owned a set of eufy cam 2s (2-set) for less than a month and I’ve had to deal with one of the cameras failing to re-add to my system because it wouldn’t beep.

Although the cameras are marketed and rated for use with extreme weather/rain, I’ve noticed corrosion in the USB port.

I am wondering what you can do to help reduce the likelihood of this being an issue.

The camera is not covered as my house is two storey and the positioning is great.

I was thinking of perhaps the following:

  • Installing a rain cover (but I’d have to drill more holes)
  • Buying one set of eufy’s silicon sets (but they don’t look to cover the USB charging port)
  • Apply silicon tape over the USB cover to help with the seal

Or perhaps regular cleaning of the system during wetter period helps?

I’m lucky that I am in the warranty period (within a month of purchase) but this experience doesn’t leave me with much confidence that they will last a whole 365 days.


I have a couple of these cam 2s… both are out in the open with no cover ( for a year now in Seattle moisture). I just relocated 1 to a tree about 6ft high. I covered it in camo tape to hide it a bit. I did everything possible to avoid any spot on the camera that would be a possible water entry spot. USB port, sync button… and any seams.

I think any tape over these ports would actually “hold” water. I want water to drain as designed it those spots. And I don’t want any tape gummy in my USB port cover when I need to charge it next time. It will leak for sure then.

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I’m in Australia and we’ve recently had a lot of rain. Though, I didn’t think it’d be an issue for these cameras because they’re IP67 rated.

I noticed corrosion with one of mine. It then stopped working with my homebase. I disconnected it and tried to re-add it but it was no longer beeping to initiate the pairing (although it appeared to have held a charge) and seemed like it was charging.

Lucky it is within warranty but I’m worried long term that they will just lose their ability to withstand rain outside of my warranty period.

So it sounds like you’ve had no issues with yours so far? That’s reassuring. I hope I just had one out of a thousand bad cameras

I have 2C and 2 Pro. The 2C location and seal for the USB port is a lot better as its underneath and seals much tighter. The 2 Pro seal pretty weak and at the back where it will be exposed more to the rain. If you use tape, you probably have to make sure its waterproof and you placed it securely. I recently charged mine and the port looks okay even though we had crazy rain over here in Perth this year. However, my 2 Pro don’t appear to be built as well as I had condensation issues where the camera fogs up internally and now appears to have grown mould/fungus inside.

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Wow that’s not good. Cover under warranty at all? The 2pro is more expensive too. I feel as though eufy needs to address this.

I wonder if they can implement something like a skin that covers the port for reinforcement… or recall their current model.

I am thinking that regular cleaning will help but yeah it seems that the solution is to find a different location (although I think my current location is perfect) and rely on eufy or my retailer to replace it once it goes bad?

Odd that the official silicon skins leave the back exposed.

When you’ve got a chance, could you share the picture of the mould? No rush of course

I have 7 outdoor cams. 5 are Eufy. (2c-2pro-And whatever they are calling now the wired outdoor). All are in full rain and sun. No problems a year later. I did cover a 2c with a black silicone cover off amazon and it overheated the next day. Nope!

My girl and I use underwater cameras. We trashed several cams by being stupid with the ports. I’m so careful now when opening and closing waterproof stuff… the tiniest piece of lint or slightly askew and your screwed.


Here’s a picture of the lens. I bought it from Aliexpress, so will be troublesome to replace it via warranty. I might have got a lemon as I already had issues with it with the camera always coming on in colour at night first before switching to B&W as though the camera doesn’t detect that it’s night time. And also mine had audio issues where the sound recording is muffled. I already got a partial refund from Eufy, so not sure whether I can pursue more with the mould issue.

Having the same issue with one of my 2 Pro cameras. Camera was blurred with rain over night. Now noticed water inside the lens and also having the white spots of mould. Purchased from AliExpress in February this year! I have emailed Eufy with all receipts, pictures, videos , serial number, etc on Sunday, still waiting for a reply.

I’m really surprised the more expensive 2 Pro cameras are already having issues against my 2C and still functioning Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras. I am also having issues with the constant static noises when viewing the cameras and still having issues with the auto night vision turning on very late. When motion is detected it turns on daytime mode for a 1-2 seconds before auto night vision turns on. This happened after various updates when first purchased they worked great. I’m worried that these expensive cameras will not last long!

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Yeppers! Sad … even when this company does get something right… they go the other direction and screw it up.