Problems with playong videos internal stored on homebase 3

Hello all,

actually i’m facing problems with using homebase 3:

  • sometimes homebase 3 isn’t able to play internal stored videos - tried to encrypt but dumps
  • homebase3 plays videos with errors (block shadows etc.)

Please check and let me know how to avoid these problems (within excellent home wifi)



Do you have the new app update 4.7.7 1888 this update fixed those problems.

I have the same problem…
How can I install new app ?
Or do I just have to wait for Eufy to push the update to my phone ?

Hi, mla417,

thanks for info.

current app version: v4.7.6_1865(EU)
but no update available in playstore :sleepy:

You will have the wait until playstore pushes it out to you, they sent them out in segments I had to wait 1 day after my wife got hers.

4.7.6 1865 is the bad app with alot of issues new app update 4.7.7 1888 takes care of all of the issues.

You can use to download the latest Android app v4.7.7_1888. I have been using that site to download Eufy apps when they screw up the code available on the Play Store.

The only trick is they offer 2 versions of each app. One is only the app and the other is a Bundle with the app and some other crap you don’t need. Just download the non-bundle version and it works fine.


thanks to all for useful hints - will try to get v4.7.7 1888(apk) to solve trouble points :grin: