Problem with pairing eufycam2

Hello, i just bought eufycam 2 kit. homebase with 2 cams. there were no problems with homebase and first cam, but second… i tryied several times to pair with homebase, but with no effect…
I tryied to restart homebase, update fimrware, reset eufycam 2 to default(5times pressing sync button)… eufycam is working, and properly charged…
i have no other ideas, what i could do to solve this problem :frowning: Please help me… thanks

We are having the exact same problem right now. Hoping someone replays with an answer

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Have you tried the following help instructions?


I have found when trying to pair my new cameras to the homebase I have the most luck keeping them just six inches from the base.

But first did you hear the camera make the beep sound after pressing the sync button for 2 seconds.


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thanks for all replies, but i returned the kit today, a bought the new one, a now is everything OK…