Privacy zone appears to be no longer available

Just wondering where the privacy zone button has disappeared to?

Gone for me as well and now I can’t adjust or remove the Privacy Zone!!! I hope this issue will be addressed soon.


What camera?

Gone for me as well, have the same problem of not being able to amend or remove the one that was created….

Gone for me also but only on my 2C’s. My 2C Pros still has the option

Same problem here… not able to remove the black zone anymore

Yes I want to know what happened to the privacy zones the black boxes I can’t take mine off, it’s very annoying not have an option to take them off now….

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iOS or Android app?

iOS for me, but only since recent Firmware update

Ugh… wanted u to say Android. I’m gonna pull my privacy zones off my 2Cs until this gets resolved.

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Did you manage to remove your Privacy Zones?

really need to update one of mine but cant and its really annoying now

Yes… had zones on both of my 2Cs that I used to try and block things causing false triggers. Anything helps. Will wait it out before adding them again.

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Sorry to bother you again just wanted to ask are your 2C’s the standard or the Pro, what firmware version is your cameras and homebase just trying to gather some info before i try and talk with customer care

Happy to help…

Homebase :
2c 1080p. Both on 1.7.4

I also have privacy zones on 2 - cam2 pros (2k) that I removed also just in case. I want these back! Activity zones are worthless and need all the help I can get to stop false triggers ( even if 90% of my cams view is black boxes)

I have asked questions to the eufy team about this as the list appears to be growing.
Will report when I get a response.


Ah see I’m on that’s when they disappeared just for my 2C’s not the pros

Thanks John let’s hope there back soon as need to adjust one ASAP

Hi all, I learned that we changed the "CPU“ of the security products recently. This function has not sync right now. R&D team is working on this already.

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Sucks that it’s been removed. Wish this feature was available on the indoor cameras as well.
Come on, eufy this is a standard option on pretty much every other brand of camera.

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I inquired about this thing to eufy support almost a month ago, days after the latest firmware update saw this feature removed from 2c camera. Support told me it would be fixed in upcoming firmware update, and only said it would be fixed “within weeks”. Hope this helps

Think they are smart enough to stop pushing out that last failed update?