Privacy issue and delays

I purchased the eufy doorbell because I consider it and was led to believe it is private since it is is supposedly to record on your base in your house! I recently discovered that it appears that all the recordings go to a server then to your base and that is also for the long delay in accessing the camera. I discovered this accidentally Halloween night I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to confirm this what other people coming to my door and recordings not showing up. If this is not true I’d like you ft explain how I received recordings a day later that were not on the base from Halloween nights. As everyone knows you get a lot of kids at your door and it should have recorded everyone instantly where the pier is a server got flooded and sent the recording that they later! Also lately I keep noticing server error when trying to connect to my camera which is kind of strange since I have a gigabit LAN and there should be no delay and why it’s complains that it’s not connecting to server does not make any sense only confirms that the app leave the house to eufy servers. I understand that there is also a subscriptions base available for offline recording that you can purchase but when you don’t want that service and do not use that service your videos should not leave your house and should be recorded instantly to your Base and only in your home! This raises serious privacy concerns and obviously performance issues I have recommended this camera too many people because of the so-called privacy and no subscription fees. I would like you for you to respond if I am wrong prove it and if I am right please stop this practice as it would greatly improve the performance as I do not have these delay issues when I use my in NVR with my security cameras???

You probably need to go to the security site for eufy and do their contact page to contact them directly. This is a community page that may have admin to respond to your questions.

Do not have the doorbell so can not tell you if they go to a server and then to the camera. I would have assumed it would have went to the server if you had the service but it would have went to your homebase otherwise.

With the connection error, I am wondering if it would be similar to another camera that I do have. Doorbell is probably using 2.4 wifi ( this is different than the LAN line) but it could be that 1 there is a conflict with another device on the 2.4 wifi line ( I figure your wifi device is probably pretty good and has multiple frequencies).

The other is my potential thoughts is that the camera is getting packets of data for a potential update. I have found that my camera was getting an issue when there was an update in the near future. So the additional flow of data may be causing “traffic on the 2.4 frequency” and errors that you are getting. (This is also just a theory that I have not gotten proven yet). So when you start getting that error check on other non Eufy devices that they are operating as well. I have an echo dot that seems to not to work when I am thinking there is a potential update. )

So biggest suggestion is to contact Eufy on your issue for any official update on your issue.

Hi I realize that they have a cloud service but I’m not using the cloud service the reason I figured out that they are sending everything to a server first is the power was out here for over a day but my doorbell is battery backed up and so was my internet and I received videos from the previous day that I shouldn’t have so they’re obviously being sent to a server then to our recording device