Pressing doorbell stops recording after about 10s while 60s is set

I also have this issue. It puts me off even answering the ringing because I know it will stop it recording!

Doorbell Version:
Homebase Version:

Ask support to change it or make it optional.
That is the only way that they will maybe change it I hope…

I have exactly the same issue. I have reported to eufy support and hope they find me a solution.

Funny that you reply to it today. I was on a ‘special’ older firmware so I wouldn’t have this problem. 2 days ago there was an firmware update and the issue is back. Not sure why my unit was updated… because they had put a firmware stop on my device. Guess I need to contact support again…

Got the most short answer back:

Thanks for your message.
Currently, we have changed it so that we cannot roll back the firmware.
Really sorry for this.

Yeah not going to accept that after their promises to me. I don’t understand they don’t make it an option in the settings. So easy… grrrr.

I tried to increase recording time recently and noticed it wasn’t doing it either :\

Well it does for movement recording (at least for me). Just when the doorbell is pressed (even during an movement recording) the recording always stops after 10 seconds. Which is way to short…
Movement recording takes over after that, but is alway like a 4 second minimal gap between recordings in a lot can happen.