Pre-sales question, does eufy security fit my needs

Hi there,

Iám looking for a camera security system and found out that pssibly eufy can be a fit for my needs. However it suprises me that the available online documentation is pretty limited and some information I find on the web is sometime contradicting.

I would like to have a camera system with 3-5 cameras whcih are watching my backyard (1-2 cams), my driveway (1cam) and the front of my house (1-2 cams). If I understand it correctly the cameras have four operational modes, three default and 1 customized.
I would like to have the following settings:

  • Mode 1: Backyard is not monitored, but front of the house and driveway are monitored and recorded when human movement is detected. No notifications or alarms (for me this would be the “Home” setting)
  • Mode 2: All camera’s are monitoring and recording, and if human movement is detected I want to get norifications (This would be my night mode)
  • Mode 3: Alle camera’s are monitoring and recording, all are sending norifications, but only the backyard camera’s are giving an alarm when humen movement is detected (This would be my away mode)

Does these three settings make sense, are the possible to confire and are they easy to switch?

Can I set-up a schedule that there is an automatic (time) switch between day and night mode (mode 1 and 2), and that with geofencing (2 people with each an iPhone) that it switches mode 3 (away) automatically on/off.

In the sparse documentation I see everytime a schema with a keypad, but actually no shop is advertising with it and not a lot of forums users seem to use it. Is this desirable or use phones as remote control. (Or rely on fully on geofencing and the time schedule).

Is it possible to play pre-recorded messages on specific cams in specific modes when movement is detected to let a burgler know he is noticed and followed.

Kind reagrds for your time to help a newby!!!