Pre-Roll (4-second video previews)

The ring video doorbell 3 plus has the Pre-Roll (4-second video previews) feature. Where it shows you what happened before motion was triggered. Does eufy have this feature or have any plans on adding this?


This feature is already available in eufy wired video doorbell.
The battery doorbell doesn’t have it as it will drain the battery in 2 days.

How is ring able to do it on their battery version then?

Same thing, you need to compromise on battery life to keep the sensor active all the time.
I don’t have ring to test how long you can survive on their battery doorbell between charges.

I need this feature since my current eufy battery doorbell misses the first 3-4 seconds of people on my porch. By the time the eufy starts recording the person (typically the mailman or package delivery person) has already been on my porch and is turning around to leave. Sometimes the eufy battery doorbell is very delayed in recording - meaning it’s missed all the action. Recording the back of a person leaving my porch isn’t that helpful (since you can no longer see their face).


If you set the Eufy battery doorbell to the highest motion sensitivity then it will be similar to the 3sec pre-roll of the eufy wired doorbell.

I have it on the highest motion sensitivity setting already and also have it set to optimal surveillance. It still misses people or picks them up after they’ve been on my porch and are in the process of leaving.

I use a motion sensor and automation to catch people as they walk down the path to my front door. The automation triggers both my porch cam and doorbell so they wake up earlier and start to record. This allows me to get full face video as they approach my door. This won’t work for everyone’s location, but I don’t get any more back of the head video, even on that fastest delivery guy.

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Which specific eufy wired doorbell model # has this feature? As it appears all the ones I see on Amazon do not have this feature. Is there a specific model #?

See the Whole Picture

View 3 seconds of footage prior to the initial alert. Gain a clearer picture of what happened and increase the likelihood of criminal identification.