Poweradapter for Eufy Doorbell battery heats up a lot, eufy not showing power

Every time i connect an transformer to the Eufy doorbell it heats up and blows up.
Today i tried an 24V 55VA and it heated up a lot, but eufy didnt register any power from it.
What am i doing wrong ? cabling bad ? (eg to thin ?)

Sounds like your wires are shorted between transformer and doorbell. You could also have a shorted diode bridge in the doorbell that might cause the same issue. You can buy a cheap digital multimeter at a big box store or harbor freight for about $15 to check the resistance of wires and check the terminals on the doorbell for shorts.

Measuring 52 ohms, so seems reasonable, not a dead short at least.

Is that 52 ohms with wires hooked to the doorbell? If so, that sounds low. The diode bridge in the doorbell should read higher than that. Mine reads 400Kohms. It might be a good idea to pull the wires from the doorbell and measure them open and shorted so you know the resistance of the wires and the doorbell separately. If the doorbell reads 52 by itself, you have a bad doorbell. If the doorbell reads higher, then you have a wiring issue between the transformer and the doorbell.

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Measured the wires and doorbell, doorbell was around 110-120k, wires were going haywire around 2/3m, so a lot of weird values there on the wires.
Changes wires completely now and all working fine :slight_smile: doorbell instantly said hey i got power! Which it didnt do before, thanks for the suggestions!

Glad you got it working.

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