Power Management

Does Anyone know the best settings in Power Management of Eufy 2k battery operated video Doorbell to get the best out of this video Doorbell ie motion, Coverage detection time or is it all a bit of hit and miss on different settings?

You need to provide more specifics, e.g. which direction is camera facing, is it in shade/sunlight, location, weather/temperature tendencies, facing driveway/main road, wifi strength, etc… too many factors to take in.

It’s going to be like diets, just because it works for some it may not work or be suitable for others.

My battery doorbell currently lasts 2-4 weeks on a charge. Wifi signal is good, but it is going through 3 walls (diagonally) of an old house, it is facing main road and gets sun at parts of the day (although luckily is in an alcove). I’m still playing out with sensitivity with mine as the last charge it picked up around 9500 false detections over 2 weeks!