Post Update of doorbell to & Homebase 2 Update 2 to 2.1.3h Motion Detection is completely broken

Post Update of doorbell to & Homebase 2 Update 2 to 2.1.3h Motion Detection is completely broken. Has anyone had similar issues ?

Can someone please respond back on how to resolve this

What do you mean? Did the updates broke the motion detection?
This version is supposed to fix just that :slight_smile:
Please elaborate if possible.

The update completely broke it, so i noticed that i was not getting motion alert today morning when the postman came and to test i went and stood in front and even that also did not trigger anything. i then check on the app that today morning around 3.30am both the home base 2 and battery door bell was updated

That’s odd. Earlier firmware version did actually break a thing or two about motion detection.
Can you check in the app to see if settings changed ‘on their own’? I did notice the prompt volume of the homebase reset this morning.

My wireless battery doorbell still has motion notifications working but less consistently since the firmware update.

I just checked my doorbell and it has been updated to 2.1.3h. I went by and it picked me up as normal. I have its notifications off unless someone rings the bell, but it did detect me as Human and recorded a clip. My porch cam sent me the motion notification, which is the way I have it set up. My homebase didn’t get updated. I’m on on that.

So it appears that unless its the homebase update, the wireless doorbell update isn’t completely broken.

Homebase firmware version would fix your problem. It’s being rolled out at this moment.

That is exactly the version which broke mine :frowning: on the baestation2 and on the doorbell, and a subsytem version on the EufyCam2’s, all rolled out automatically on 29-Oct has stopped my system detecting movement/sending notifications too. You are not alone! The doorbell chime on the basestation still chimes, and I can still watch old stored clips, but no alerts. (I raised a separate thread on this too…because I originally wrote down/searched for the incorrect version …corrected now).