Possibly a hacked system?

My Android phone was hacked back in FEB 2020… The 6th to be exact. It was my ex and her 18y/o daughter, I have proof. Anyway, I bought a 2c cam system and added a pan/tilt. The ex hasn’t been evicted yet and her kid came and stayed the night a few nights ago. Now, my pan/tilt cam goes from blue indicator to solid red like I should be watching but I’m not. It also moves at random all of a sudden and if I log in, it’s like I’m fighting against another user to pan the cam?? I just changed the p/w as well as the WiFi I’m using. Worked for about 3 minutes then back to red. The ex has money and means to have This done. So, I Shot the pan/tilt cam. the bird and powered it down. I have switched to an iphone11 but I’m 98% they have sent me a corrupt text and I am gonna have to do a reload.

That doesn’t sound good! I would delete the Camera and re add it to the app to ensure that anyone with access to it will be removed. I would also change your account password and phone password.

Did you send her admin/guest permissions through the Eufy app when things were rosier? If you are still living together you might be able to see if she gets notifications on her phone at the same time as you do if you turn it back on. I can see that my gf is getting all the messages when I go and test a new One or whatever, but that’s fine since we live together and she should be able to see the footage too. If she is logging in under your credentials changing the password should have worked and do what wheeler said above just in case. Save any footage you need first.

In addition to changing the password to your eufy account, change the password and set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) for your email address. That email address is the key to a thief getting and resetting passwords for every other website that has that email address in your account. Use a password manager, like Lastpass, to ensure that every account has a strong, long, unique password (never used the same password twice, and use a combination of upper & lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters with a password length of at least 12 characters, but the more the better), and enable 2FA for every account that supports it, using an app like Authy.

2FA…that’s a good one… at least in the US where Eufy doesn’t seem to want to release it.

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Yup, waiting for eufy to bring it to the US. Crazy that it’s taking this long. That’s why I suggested the OP enable it on email and any other accounts that support it.

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