Please empower all paired cameras with BionicMind

I wrote to support and am super, super disappointed to hear that the cameras connecting to the new Homebase aren’t getting the “AI” that comes built with it.

Let me explain:

If you buy the Homebase 3 with cameras, according to the wording of the Homebase 3s description in the app and even on the website pertaining to what it is doing, as well as the cameras that pair with it, I was given the idea that the Homebase will pass the AI on to the cameras that pair with it. This is called BionicMind AI and is supposedly built into the Homebase 3 and not the cameras. I thought it would allow all paired cameras to add “facial recognition” as well as “vehicle detection” to all cameras, in addition to what most indoor Eufy cameras do, which is “human being” and “pet” detection. I’m afraid that this may not quite be the case.

Right now, when you connect your Indoor Cameras, the only feature they receive is the ability to store recordings on the Homebase 3. The Homebase 3 does not detect them as “paired cameras” at all. I wrote support about this and the response I received was very disappointing, as I mentioned. It read in part:

“Currently, there is not any plan to empower the indoor cameras and cameras that will be able to use in the future with ai like facial detection, vehicle detection, etc, using the Homebase. Rest assured that we have passed it on to our product team and let them see how to explore the possibility in the future. Your continuous feedback and your joint effort to shape a better product are highly appreciated.”

Please go ahead and make this topic popular as well as send your own feedback on the matter. It shouldn’t be difficult to allow the cameras to take advantage of the Homebase AI, just like we can basically allow them to use Homekit, they should easily be able to get the functionality of the Homebase 3 if programmed that way.

My guess is that Eufy is now going to release additional cameras we have to purchase that will utilize the BionicMind feature, which isn’t really fair. Or was I the only one thinking that the cameras would all be empowered? If it’s just me then I guess, my bad, lol.

Thank You Eufy and Community.


No, it’s not just you… I read it the same way as the BionicMind will empower your current cameras with the AI ability.


Not just you. Marketing clearly states that once a camera conencts to HB3 it will then get the bionic mind AI and expandable storage benifits. I hope just storage isnt all were going to get for legacy cameras yet to be supported. Im pretty sure even their very first camera the EufyCam E that released in 2018 has the bionic mind AI and that camera had no AI when it came out. There should be no reason why the newer stuff shouldnt get it as well.


I don’t think they could pull it off. I just want all my cams on 1 button. I want my keypad to work for all my cams. Bummer. I could care less about storing stuff on my homebase.

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Take this with a grain of salt. I called Eufy and the agent/rep told me that they are supposed to get the AI BionicMind ability from the Homebase 3, so, I don’t know who to believe. He said he’d “run it up the line” that he’s gotten calls about it. So it’s email rep vs. call rep here. /shrug

I also found this Eufy Ad.

I broke my own rule and bought the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro and the Outdoor Cam Pro (S210) thinking they would be empowered. That’s what I get for being a hypocrite. I tell friends, family, and strangers to never, ever buy a product or service on a promised or so-called “upcoming” feature, always buy based on what is there. Fool me once, though. Oh well. I was so impressed with Eufy delivering on Homekit, I suppose I put some rose-colored glasses on for a while. I am going to try to return the S210 to Amazon (I think the window has passed) to get one of their empowered cameras instead. I don’t mind the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, apart from it being sort of dumb (keeps detecting car wheel as human), it still sort of does what it’s supposed to.

What a mess. /sigh


My eufy cam and 2c cameras all got the ai features when They connected to the homebase 3. However my indoor and outdoor cams have not. I was hoping that I can change the security mode on the homebase 3 and I will change the modes on my now connected indoor cams. But that doesn’t seem to be working.

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I watched that video. I like how the Dropbox opened from the doorbell identifying the courier also the Floodlight Cam Pro 2 that’s scanning the vehicles license plate.
Most of the A.I in that video it’s for a future future release date. :unicorn:

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Indeed. I knew I had seen that somewhere before, that’s why I invested in Eufy stuff after the HB3…so I thought I was going crazy when I emailed support and they told me that none of the previously released stuff would get the AI features of HB3. Now if they don’t introduce the features, it’d officially be, Eufy misrepresenting their products so they’d sell.


I bought 2 cameras s130 and . It’s clearly stated that it will work AI of homebase 3 in November. Right now it’s not supported. As well as mu 4 indoor pan&tilt cameras . Very disappointed :cry:.
I hope :crossed_fingers: this will be fixed during November .

yeah, this is a bit outrageous…would love to see this improved per the advertising claims :slight_smile:

I bought the cam pro 2 and homebase 3 at the same time with the understanding that AI would would on that camera. I can supposedly save videos to the hard drive but I’ve yet to get AI or bionic mind to work with that camera.

I’m surprised with all the time people took to complain no one found / mentioned this link which lists what cameras are compatible with Homebase 3 storage and/or bionic mind / modes / automation.

Thank you for the list, I’m very curious of there will be an update for the devices under evaluation like my Wall light cam S100.

Knowing Eufys track record probably never.


Same here…I remember clearly the compatibility sheet at some point mid last year said my floodlight cam pro would be compatible around October 2023…but then they updated the sheet and it’s now “under evaluation” since months! This really is taking the piss out of their customer! Ive since told all my friends that asked whether it was a good product to NOT buy it because they are a bunch of liars and they first don’t follow up on their promise and also don’t give a shit about and users! Very sad!

History of the company I am afraid tech moves on