Please add the option for a longer retrigger interval

I have since learned that the option exists and is called retrigger interval in the power manager custom recording settings however a longer interval than 60 seconds would be much appreciated.

I love the doorbell but the constant triggering with person detection and only having the choice of either on or off with the loss of other useful features is killing the battery life, just now I’m on track for less than 60 days…

The option for a cooldown on the doorbell being woken up by motion would greatly increase battery life. Nest cameras have had the feature for years and even competitors like ring have the option with their battery doorbells. It seems like a simple thing that would take the doorbell to the next level.

Something like a 15 minute cooldown on wakeup/person alerts with the led still lighting up if someone walks up to it and video recording still being activated if it’s pressed would be ideal.