PLEASE....add the ability to SET DIFFERENTNOTIFICATION SOUNDS per device and/or security event

I cannot more strongly recommend the added functionality within the Eufy Security app to provide users with multiple options to customize their AUDIBLE NOTIFICATIONS and perhaps give more granular support to users for the visual notifications also.

However…my focus is PRIMARILY & EXTENSIVELY on ways to separate the individual security cameras / devices from one another for the expressed purpose of allowing me to establish SPECIFIC & VERY DISTINCT AUDIO NOTIFICATION within the Eufy ecosystem so that my 2K video doorbell MOTION ACTIVATION & HUMAN DETECTED notifications aren’t EXACTLY the same as every other Eufy notice I get for each of my PTZ cameras–for human detection, animal detection, crying detected movement tracking, loud noises etc etc etc.

I need to KNOW INSTANTLY if my RESPONSE TO SOMEONE CURRENTLY ON MY FRONT PORCH is REQUIRED ……or if my dog is just restless and pacing back & forth upstairs & down waiting on me to return home, each time triggering motion sensor & activating the PTZ cams to snap a quick image that I can always review any time 24/7 for peace of mind.

I don’t want to be notified or AWAKENED FROM A SOUND SLEEP for every bloody Eufy notification under the sun.


I get so darn frustrated that I can’t set certain devices notifications to SILENT or vibrate only, and EVERY SINGLE EVENT IS THE SAME SOUND at the same volume & intensity regardless of the level of importance I personally place in the various events my Eufy system reports on my Android devices.
By the way, sound selections included in the application are way too plain & extremely limited by Eufy.

This seriouslyy needs to be revamped to allow full support for importing system notification sounds, ringtones or custom sounds from Zedge & other common sound sharing apps so that Eufy Security app simply and smartly plays the appropriate notification tone that is set up to be triggered by one or more unique security events or by individual security devices, such as UPSTAIRS HALLWAY versus DOWNSTAIRS HALLWAY movement detected by my 2K PTZ cameras.

I hope this request is clear and concise enough, but I’m extremely pleased to talk individually with developers and to contribute a variety is extremely high quality, small size audio files that can be added to the existing but extremely sparse number of built-in notification sounds.

As a sidenote:

I’m an audiophile, sound designer & digital audio synthesist in my spare time with a degree in music composition …so music and sound is life to me! So you can probably understand why AUDIO NOTIFICATIONS are such a HUGE thing for me. Especially when talking about my security–which incidentally includes the all important protection of my $40K investment in home recording studio equipment, including several Korg, Roland & Yamaha synth workstations.

I’m willing to offer Eufy Devs some of my 100% royalty-free, unique & original audio samples in whatever format is preferred, whether .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .flac, or even the old standby .wav PCIM-based uncompressed audio. I would consider it my contribution to the community and require no recognition whatsoever.

Thanks for the consideration! I’m certain I’m not the only user who would seriously LOVE to have this feature implemented immediately.