“Please add camera or sensor” issue

I have 5 Eufycam2 cameras and 1 window sensor all hooked up to a Homebase2. I have been getting the “please add camera or sensor” prompt on live view to at least 4 cameras and it seems the same camers are not recording events as well. One camera is working just fine same for the window sensor. I have read on some queries that this seems to be an issue on Homebases with 9 or more devices connected to them but I only have 6, anyone else having this kind of problem?

Yes, just started this morning. I have 4 cameras, 3 of which are not working at the moment. All four were not until a moment ago when it came back to life.

Makes me regret getting this. Shoulda just gotten the Arlo since the home base went bad just a few days ago, I replaced it at my cost, and now this.

What up with that eufy? Not happy.

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