PlayBack bug (sd card)

When doing playback (left of Live slider)
At 1x speed. Ok
When switching to higher speed.
Display is just circle.
Exit. Re start app.
No SD card. Error.
ReStart 2k indoor.
Everything is ok. Sd is there.

I suspect it is a firmware bug.
Any have similar issue?

Sounds more like a network congestion problem. I just tried accessing my 2 indoor cams and was able to access the playback at 16X without any issues on my phone and tablet.

If you are uploading anything on your network at the same time, it could cause the circle to appear, telling you its waiting for data from your device. Even transferring files across your network can cause bottlenecks that will effect your connection and cause that same symptom.

I used 16x feature before and have no issue.
Only difference is I have a brand new sd card this time.

Either 2K has trouble reading the card. It is u3 class 10 64gb

Not on mine. 2X or 16X or anything in between works just fine. Maybe a SD card speed or network issue? Or maybe your playback device is not on the same network as the camera?

I re-seat my sd card. I think the Eufy sd card contact fingers may not have good contacts.