Phone not connected to internet

I get this error all the time on the app. Phone is always connected to the internet perfect wifi… What gives?

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I am glad I am not the only one calling out Eufy for their glitchy tech.

Same here. Had system for quite a while now but all of a sudden throwing up this error and unable to connect to application server

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I am getting the same. Eufy what is going on, this is not good enough. So many complaints about this and nothing is being done.

Same problem here!

Hi - I had this same issue this morning - Have run system for over a year.

Messed around with everything with Alarms going off left right and centre.

I fixed it for me though -

  1. Open app in phone
  2. Click on the three lines left of your username
  3. Settings
  4. App Permissions
  5. Turn on Mobile Data, Home Data and Local Network as well as Background refresh.
  6. Should Work now - Not sure how they dropped out -

Stay safe