Philips Hue integration

I would like to see integration with Philips Hue, so when an alarm goes off the Philips hue lights will blink. Or when the Eufycam detect motion a Philips Hue bulb will light up.


You can if you connect your EufyCams to HomeKit, then create Automations. The only problem is the batteries drain really quickly once connected to HomeKit. I disconnected from HomeKit, because of the severe battery drain. I did remove from favourites but still drained rapidly!

I use ifttt to light up my hue lights on doorbell ring. Still direct integration woud be great

How do you connect eufy with IFTTT? I have not seen any integrations

Its an applet for android device. If notification received from specific app then blink hue lights. App name EufySecurity., filter by keyword you can trigger on camera or event ( a bit)

I’m an Android user so Homekit doesn’t gone work for me unfortunately.

I’m not using homekit. Use my tablet as device with ifttt and eufy app