People Detection With Facemask or Head Covering

I have discovered a potential flaw with human detection. It would appear as though Human Detection is attempting to detect faces only, which is fine so long as a person isn’t wearing a facemask or head covering. I have noticed inconsistencies with detection and discovered that if a person is wearing a face covering (or head covering that covers the face), no motion is detected (if set to people detection). This happens for both my EufyCam 2’s and Wired Doorbell.

Can we get an update that addresses this as with the requirements for most places to wear masks, it would be nice to still detect People even though they are wearing a mask. This is also a huge security issue because it also means that motion can be completely missed by simply wearing a cheap $1 covering.


You have a valid point.

With the surge in mask usage, this should definitely be something eufy looks into integrating.


Gentlemen, this is very important and critical for the success of the product due to COVID, we need you to train the neural network of the camera with a database of hundreds of faces with masks, so that the camera can detect these types of people, who now we are many, otherwise, your artificial intelligence of the product would no longer make much sense.

The AI needs a complete overhaul. Detected a shrub, a plant pot, multiple times as a person, but when a person walks by, a lot of times the camera ignores it. I’d enable All motion, but then I would get blasted by notifications of cars, shadows, trees, etc. There’s a thread on reddit as well. Someone’s BBQ grill was detected as a stranger, a cars rims as a person, flower as a person. Surprisingly, my Wyze V2 with shoddy video quality detected more people in one day than the Indoor 2K.