Pan & tilt not detecting motion

I have received pan & tilt camera and installed it. It is at location where I don’t have lot of motion. Not sure how long this issue has been there but recently started walking in front of the camera and I got notified hardly twice. So I tried turning on tracking and seems like it is able to track me within FOV. Not sure why it is not giving me notifications for any motion. I even did the same try with increased sensitivity to 5.
Help me out here If i am missing anything. I have another one at different locations and seems like it is picking motion all the time.

There is a second set of settings for devices. Go to the app and pick the Security choice at the bottom. Now, select your device and the Mode that its in currently. It defaults to Home Mode. You should see 3 choices, one of which is Push Notification. Security Modes override individual device settings so you can switch a group of items on and off without going in and switching them all individually.

Hope that’s your issue.