Pan & tilt camera

Hi, I’m sorry that this is a basic question but I’m new to this. I purchased the Eufy pan and tilt camera to check in on things when I’m away from home.
I have downloaded the app and added the device. It has linked successfully and the picture is great.
I’m connecting via the wi fi in the house. What I can’t see any instructions for is accessing the camera picture when I’m away from home.
Do I need to log into my router from a remote location (no idea how to do this) or is there another way. Thanks.

You just access the app on your phone or tablet from any provider and it should pass on the address of your camera so the app can view it remotely. Pretty simple. For most people, the process is seamless across wifi and their mobile provider(s). A few people have had issues with firewalls or ISPs blocking some ports. Seems to usually be Apple devices on AT&T.

There is also a web portal that will allow you to view your camera(s) from a web browser, but its kinda slow.

Note: Eufy lately has a redirect issue with their web portal from this forum. If you click on the link from here, it will take you to a page to download the app instead of the web portal. If you paste the above link into a browser, it seems to work fine.

I find there are differences in some devices. There should be a box with a zero or numbers if it detects stuff. You can check your video there. You can hit the play to live stream the video.

Best thing to do is have it on when you are home
and click around. It not hard to do but you should take a few to trigger it and learn to delete video as well as to see pic, live stream and to activate security when away.

Will say the web browser to view camera will be live view but without the ability to move camera view. App has that function

Thanks. I tried to access the camera from a few miles yesterday. I couldn’t get a picture but I did get alerts to say that movement had been detected (my wife was still home). I’ll have another go.

The notifications are handled differently than video. Are you using IOS or Android? Try the web portal link in my earlier post from a browser when not at home. If you can log in and see your cameras, that means video and metadata is getting through your router out to the internet. If that doesn’t work, something is blocking access to either your video stream or the metadata that is sent from the app with the address of your camera.