Pan and Tilt Mobile App Only Supports 1 device?


Maybe I’m missing something, but my pan and tilt worked brilliantly on my phone, then I set it up on my wife’s phone, and suddenly, it was no longer giving me the feed. Tried removing the camera and setting it up again, only for it to stop working on the wife’s phone.

Doesn’t it support 2 devices?

What if we are in 2 different locations and both want to view what’s going on back home?

Thanks in advance.

@avarvany Is your wife signed into your account or did you create a guest account. I have several Eufy indoor cameras and multiple people can view the cameras at the same time. However, we’re on three separate accounts.

I set up hers on her account and mine on my account.

Should it be the same account, since I see from your explanation that you’ve different accounts set up?

Why, then, isn’t it working for me? :sob:

Make sure that you both are using separate emails and you share account access with your wife.

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Go into Family and Guests and check that the shared account has all the devices you want shared. Sometimes, when you create a shared account the shared account doesn’t see all your devices. There is a button at the bottom of the page that will let you Manage Shared devices. This will let you add or remove devices that you want the shared account to see.

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@avarvany Yes, as @Tank and @pysailr mentioned…make sure that you have separate emails (accounts) and that you allow each other to view these cameras as guests.

In my example, I’m the owner…but I give access to two other individuals who have their own accounts. One as a Admin, the other as a guest.

Great stuff, all, thanks very much!

It worked!

Amazing community; more power to you all!


Merry Christmas @avarvany :+1: