Pan and tilt indoor camera going offline

Is anyone else hVing an issue with the pan and tilt camera going offline all the time? Mine looses connection every day, multiple times, and never recovers. Only option is to power cycle the device. Makes it pretty useless for remote monitoring… Any suggestions on how to fix?

Two things to try.

  1. Change the channel on your router. Channels 1 and 11 are the best for 2.4 Ghz. If those channels are in use, check for a channel that’s not in use. There are dozens of Wifi apps that will let you see which channels are in use in your area.

  2. Try giving the camera a fixed IP address and see if that helps. The process is different for different routers, but it might also be called address reservation.

Thanks for the suggestions, but its made no difference :-(.

At this point I would contact support by email at It might be impossible to contact anyone by phone or chat until next week, but they might have someone checking email.

I’ve always gotten better responses to email when you can lay out any troubleshooting you have already done. It saves getting canned responses and the back room guys are better at solving technical issues.